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honeyandvinegar [userpic]

May 3rd, 2010 (01:24 pm)

I'm not an alien, I'm... : dirty
current song: 'Mourning Air'--Portishead

~*Happy Birthday, lisabellex!*~

I was a day early before, but NOW I'm on time!! Wahoo for meeeee! *giggles* I hope your birthday is nothing but fun and splendiforousness abound. May your children put your feet up, serve you a gourmet meal and order up our Fac boys to come by and make out with each other. And stuff. :D

As for your fic-treat, it kinda got outta hand. I've had this idea bounce around in my head for YEARS, in many different forms, and it was actually supposed to be much different (and sleaze-balled like you wouldn't believe). But your birthday, is it ever inspiring! I finally got it out, all in the name of our favorite hobby... Casey-perving! *claps like a five-year old* Plenty of pulpy-sleaze, I hope you like--it's in two parts (will link at the end!) as it ran away with me, hope that's okay. *moar giggle*!

Title: Pulp (1/2)
Pairing: Casey/OMC (a much OLDER OMC), C/Z
Rating: Hard NC-17
Warning(s): high-perv factor, kink, but in a very yummeh, fluffeh manner.
Disclaimer: Don't own!
Synopsis: Casey gets some lessons from an unlikely teacher (or: Casey is taught, very nicely, on how to be the dirty sex-kitten he is. What, that's what it IS, shut up! Are you people looking for plot? It's LBX's fuckin' birthday, screw plot!!)

Casey had been the usual teenage son, having his mother care for things around the house. If it’d been left up to him over the years, he’d have eaten nothing but microwave meals and worn the same shirt and-or jeans more than twice a week. Applying for this job had been a good idea, and it hadn’t needed a lot of prodding from his parents. One, the summer job would supply the money he wanted--needed--for when he left for college, and two, the experience would look good. Though he’d always been into the arts, his career choice was caring for the elderly. He’d adored his grandmother, and hated seeing her deteriorate the way she had. In his opinion, the nursing home she’d stayed at was substandard, her nurses more like robots instead of humans. His aim was to be one of the good people that actually cared.

Casey stirred the hollandaise sauce he was almost finished cooking, hoping he’d gotten it right this time. Though Mr. Sebastian Dobson was incredibly particular, everything needing its place and to be impeccable clean, the boy had to admit… he was learning things that would come in handy when he left home.

Nothing medical was offered, as Casey had no experience or schooling. Sebastian was still able to walk and care for himself, but needed a wheelchair eighty-percent of the time. He was lucky to still be able; the lean muscle he still had helped, especially in his arms. At seventy-six, he didn’t seem crippled. Just tired and needing extra help. He had one other home health care aide from the same center Casey worked for who did have a nursing degree; ten to two, then Casey arrived at five to help with dinner and provide care and company. After a few hours, he’d help the man get ready for bed at nine, settle him in with reading aloud with each other then clean around the house until ten. Casey had to take on only one or two rooms at a time as Sebastian’s house was more like a mansion. He could afford the home care being as wealthy as he was. It could be stressful and trying at times, but Sebastian was a kind, intelligent man that DID show appreciation for the service he received. He’d tell Casey stories of the ‘old days’, and liked hearing tales of Casey’s youth.

The day before, Casey had gushed about the fun he had with his friends, Zeke in particular. Ten o’clock was early for a teenager, so he’d meet with the young man afterwards and go out for some fun most nights. Sebastian always wore a warm smile as Casey relayed these stories, especially if he’d gotten into trouble. The night before, Casey had giggled as he spoke about their club night that past Saturday; they’d gotten a little drunk beforehand and danced until their feet hurt. “He’s my best friend,” Casey had said of Zeke. Sebastian had smiled.

“It certainly sounds it.” With his grin growing, he’d cocked an eyebrow and said, “You seem very fond of Zeke.”

Casey had shrugged it off and switched subjects. He couldn’t be one-hundred percent honest. What would an old man, growing up with the old philosophies and taboos, think of his personal care aide being queer for his best friend? He’d probably kick him out and demand a woman, instead of a sexually-frustrated virgin boy--even if the center had told Casey that he always requested male nurses. Young ones, like himself, as Sebastian liked ones looking for experience rather than being a pro. He liked teaching, he’d say, as he’d been a professor at Ohio State before his huge inheritance.

The English muffin popped out of the toaster; the eggs looked perfect, and the ham was grilled to perfection. Sebastian would approve of the Eggs Benedict this time. While he’d eaten Casey’s first attempt, he’d given stern but constructive criticism, looking more like he was choking it down rather than enjoying it. “You should do the muffin last, to make sure it’s warm,” he’d said. So Casey had applied much more precision and attention this time around. He put the heated muffin on the plate, slipped the ham and egg upon it then drizzled it with the sauce. The professional-looking dish made him smile, especially since Sebastian enjoyed someone eating with him. Casey put his own plate together, grabbed utensils and napkins, put everything upon the large tray and proceeded to the stairs.


“This… is divine.”

Casey smiled as he watched Sebastian eat his dinner. “I’m glad you like it,” he said. He tucked in himself and agreed with the man; he’d done a fine job. He was careful with his movements, cutting small bites off with his knife and fork, much like his charge. Sebastian wasn’t one to simply stab his fork into his meal and eat it like an animal. He was genteel, classy. It was a reprieve from the usual talk-with-your-mouth-full hamburger joints Casey went to.

“So… any plans tonight?” Sebastian asked after swallowing.

“Oh. No, Zeke is busy,” Casey replied. “I told him that it’d have been best to apply to college a LOT earlier than now, so he’s scrambling.”

“I see. Well, you have other friends. What about… Stan, and his girlfriend?”

“Yea… right,” Casey replied with a chuckle. “Playing third wheel sucks. Er--isn’t fun.”

Sebastian laughed. “Speak freely, Casey. I can handle it.”

“Fine. Sucks.” Casey smirked and shook his head. “They’re awesome, but… yea. Watching ‘em make kissy-face while I’m sitting there dateless? No thanks.”

“And Delilah?”

“No way. C’mon, I told you--she may be single, but there’s no interest in her whatsoever,” Casey said.

“Well, then. I guess it’s just going home and doing those… online gaming things,” Sebastian said. “I must say, I’m tempted to get a computer myself.”

“Yea? They’re awesome, I could totally help set one up for you.”

“That might be a great idea. I’d really appreciate it,” Sebastian replied, nodding. “My morning aide--he’s nice, but not one to socialize. I’d love to be able to chat with people around the world. But if I had my choice, I’d have you over BOTH times, morning and evening.”

The compliment heated Casey’s cheeks. “Well, who knows… maybe that could be arranged,” he said. “And thanks. I’m glad I do a good job, even if I screw up from time-to-time.”

“Oh, it’s never that big a deal. Your company is always appreciated, Casey.”

Casey smiled and looked to the man; he found him smiling back, eyes set on Casey’s face. Though it was pleasant, it was also--strange. They continued eating in silence, minus a satisfied moan and smacking of lips every now and again. When they were finished, Casey gathered up the dishes and placed them on the tray. “I’ll go put these in the dishwasher--do you want to read a book when I get back?”

“That’d be nice. I have one in particular I’d love to share with you from my collection,” Sebastian said. “I’ll head to the library; meet me there.”

“All right,” Casey said then set off for the stairs, ready for a little cleaning duty before their book session.


Sebastian was just bringing a book down from the top shelf when Casey arrived; the boy groaned. “Sebastian, you could have waited for me to get it for you,” he said, walking over to aid the man.

“Oh now, I can do SOME things myself,” he said. With a grunt, he settled back into his wheelchair, the book in his lap, and rode over to get by the couch. Casey sat upon it and peered at the book; it was lying cover-down, a paperback, which was unlike the hardbound classics Sebastian enjoyed. Sebastian lifted it and sighed. “This is from my ‘special collection’. I don’t share this with just anyone, you know.”

“Oh.” Casey now felt special, privileged. “I’d be glad to read it first, I suppose.”

The man smiled wide. “I was hoping you’d say that,” he said, then handed it over. Casey looked at the cover and froze.

Men Into Beasts, the title read. It wouldn’t have seemed that strange, if not for the cover. A man, on his knees, being beaten by prison guards… after a long pause, Sebastian cleared his throat.

“Is there a problem?”

Casey blinked furiously and looked up at the man. “I… this looks…” Casey swallowed, over and over again as he searched for words. “What is…”

“Like I said, it’s from my personal collection. I have many more, but this is a favorite of mine. The first paperback gay-pulp ever printed,” Sebastian coolly replied. “You could say that I’m treating you, letting you glimpse into my tastes.”

“But I… Sir, I don’t…” Casey couldn’t stop stammering in shock. The heat building up in his thighs was almost unbearable. This man, one who could be his grandfather, wanted to share this with him?

“I won’t force you to read it, but… I think you’d enjoy it, more than you’re ready to admit.”

It was a shock, to say the least. Casey shook his head. “Why would you--think that? I’ve never… said anything, about… anything…?”

“Come now, Casey,” Sebastian said, cocking his eyebrow and turning one corner of his lips into a half-smile. “I’ve grown a little impatient, you know.”

“Impatient? With what?”

“How you really feel about your ‘best friend’ Zeke. I’d be willing to give plenty of advice on how to--”

“No, no. I can’t… you can’t… no.” Casey’s nervousness trembled in his voice; he put the book on the couch and shook his head. “I’m not here to do this sort of… thing.”

“It’s not in your job description, no. But if you’d like it to be, well… it’s been years for me. Many, many years,” Sebastian replied. “And every time I look at you, I keep thinking; what does this boy really want? What does he need?”

“You could be my grandfather,” Casey blurted.

“Does that matter? Tell me, young man…” Sebastian took a deep, hissing breath before going on. “…When you lie in bed at night, all alone, do you think of Delilah’s breasts or Zeke’s cock?”

The forwardness made Casey’s arms clench. “Sir…”

“Just tell me. Be honest. I’d be willing to bet the contents of my safe that you’ve never confided in anyone on these matters. That you’ve never been involved with anyone, boy OR girl. Have you.”

Casey’s lower lip trembled. He wasn’t asking, but telling. A mind-reader, to say the least. A sudden clenching of his heart made him whisper his reply of, “No.”

“You wouldn’t know where to begin… would you.”

“No,” Casey again replied. Why he was falling into this--this trap, he didn’t know. It’d been weeks that he’d cared for Sebastian; how long had he been watching Casey, interpreting every movement and word? A deep, hot discomfort swelled in Casey’s belly, making him look away. “This isn’t appropriate. It really isn’t.”

“What isn’t? This is just conversation, Casey. You’re of age, and I’m WELL past my real ‘Golden Years’,” Sebastian replied with a chuckle. “You’re here to care for me, and if you’re willing, we could take that past cooking, cleaning and general care.”

“Our handbook, it clearly states--no sexual--anything,” Casey said, stammering yet again.

“Who needs to know?” Sebastian asked. He shifted in his seat, crossing a leg over the other. “I may be many, many years older than you, but that only adds to the experience. I could show you things, Casey. I get the feeling that you’d crave such a thing.”

It was true, of course--everything Sebastian was saying, thinking, knowing. All true. But it wasn’t as if an elderly man was Casey’s first choice. Zeke, who was sitting at home frantically putting together forms and papers, was…

“Let’s put it this way,” Sebastian interrupted his rapid-fire thinking. He nodded towards the book. “If you’re willing to read that book to me, there’s two-hundred dollars that goes directly into your pocket. Cash.”


“You heard.” Sebastian sighed and looked to the clock. “It’s only seven-thirty, and it’s an easy read. One-hundred seventy-nine pages. The money covers any time spent past your usual clocking-out.”


Casey wished his mother hadn’t asked, “How was your night?” when he’d arrived home. Saying, “Oh, we ate Eggs Benedict, read extremely graphic gay porn, and you?” wasn’t optimal. It’d been hard to shrug and reply any which way, so he said he was tired and needed the sleep. She’d bade him goodnight--something he wasn’t sure was going to be good at all.

Now in bed, Casey squirmed his legs up to his chest and went over the events of the evening. It’d been hard to read the words, printed in the usual font but meaning much more than anything Casey had ever read. From beatings to jail-rape, Casey’s voice had trembled lightly with every description. How he’d kept going was a mystery, but Sebastian had been more than pleased.

“We’ll work on more tomorrow,” he’d said as Casey put the book away. Tonight’s ‘going to bed’ had definitely been different. He’d held onto Casey tighter while getting into bed and under the covers. When Casey had put the blankets over the man, his hand had been taken, squeezed lightly and Sebastian gave him a soft smile as he said, “Sweet dreams tonight, sweet boy.”

With the images running through Casey’s head, he wondered if he’d get any sleep at all. He glanced to his desk, shadowed by the darkened room. The drawer he usually kept open was locked, as he didn’t need his mother snooping around and finding the two-hundred dollars sitting there that he’d have no way to explain away. He turned onto his back and stared at the ceiling.

The images of jailed victims started morphing; instead of made-up fictional faces roaming around in his brain, Casey started picturing his parents leaving the house for a date. Zeke would suddenly show up, perhaps a little drunk. In Casey’s daydream, he walked into Casey’s room and locked the door, telling him that he had an itch he wanted to scratch. Casey wouldn’t get the chance to ask “What?” before the covers were thrown off of him and Zeke climbed over him, pinning the boy down with his strong thighs. Casey wondered what the sound of his t-shirt getting ripped from his body would sound like; what sounds he’d make when Zeke’s teeth latched onto a nipple to brutalize with sweet, painful bites. Without realizing it, present-time Casey was slipping his hand into his boxers, all to grab his hard cock and begin stroking. His other hand pulled the shirt up to his neck and a finger was sucked on, all to emulate Zeke’s mouth upon Casey’s flesh. The first pinch was light, but the intensity and grip grew as Casey became more excited and his cock leaked just the littlest bit.

He knew what Zeke was like, and what he could do. Casey’s body would be covered in marks, each one being a trophy, an ode to what they’d done. The boxers were in the way now, so Casey slid them down and kicked them off, along with the covers. The floor by his door creaked terribly, so if his mother came to check on him, he had enough warning to cover up again. So there he lay, ravaging his own body, back arcing with every squeeze and pull at his engorged flesh. For the first time in his life, Casey wished that he had something to stick into himself--to find pleasure in the most private area he owned. He suddenly couldn’t help himself, his need overwhelming enough to turn onto his side. The grip on his cock tightened while his other hand reached behind himself, all to tickle his anus in slow circles. With the first push of his finger going inside he came, violently so, soaking his hand and splashing over the bed.

“I knew you could do it, boy.” Sebastian’s words at the end of their book reading rang in Casey’s ears as he panted for air then fell asleep in a shot, leaving himself sticky and wet.


Day One

A swallow rolled down Casey’s throat as he and Sebastian entered the large guest bedroom. No book had been brought with them; why he’d gone along with this…

When he heard a metallic click, he turned fast and widened his eyes in seeing Sebastian locking the door. “What… what are you doing?”

Sebastian turned his chair to face Casey, a smile on his lips. “No worries, Casey. This is just ‘insurance’,” he said. “After all, you move much faster than me… and with what I’m about to offer, I’m going to need a headstart.”

Casey nodded slowly, even if he was still unsure of the man’s intentions. “All… right.”

Sighing, Sebastian wheeled over to the desk on the other side of the room. With the key-ring going into his pants pocket, he next tapped one of the desk drawers. “In this drawer sits five-hundred dollars. Money that’s meant for you, should our night together go as I’ve planned,” he said. Casey felt his fingertips heat up as Sebastian continued speaking. “But no matter what I offer, you have every right to leave. I’ve never wanted or needed to force anyone to do anything. At any moment, you can ask to leave and I’ll gladly let you. The door is locked simply to protect my… investment. I don’t need you to grab the money and run. That’s the only reason I’m holding onto the key until you’re ready to go.”

“Okay,” Casey softly replied. “But I wouldn’t… do that. I’ve never stolen anything, and I’m not going to start now.”

“Ah, but even the most kindhearted person can be tempted. I DO trust you; this is just my method.”

“All right.”

“You understand?”


“Good.” Sebastian moved away from the desk and wheeled over to the door on the other side of the room. “Come with me.”

Casey nodded and took tentative steps to where Sebastian was going. The door was opened and they stepped inside. Casey gasped at the gorgeous bathroom; everything was gleaming, ornate. The porcelain sink shone like white gold under the bright lamplight; across the room stood a shower, the door of it opened. It was meant for someone like Sebastian, a seat placed against the wall to rest upon should his legs get tired while washing. “It’s… nice,” Casey said.

“Yes,” Sebastian wistfully replied. He locked the wheels of his wheelchair. “I’ll have you know that I won’t be joining in these ‘activities’. I’m not very fond of my own body--just others’. I’m embarrassed to say that my equipment doesn’t work anymore.”

Casey bit his lip and nodded. “Okay.”

“One thing I AM fond of is undressing a young man. I don’t have to touch you in any other way. That WILL come, in just a bit. So… may I?”

“Y… Yes,” Casey replied.

With a soft smile, Sebastian stood, took the hem of Casey’s shirt and lifted it. Casey raised his arms to allow the soft fabric to go over his head and off. His skin prickled with goosebumps as he became exposed. As Sebastian had said, he didn’t start touching his naked skin, choosing to move on to Casey’s jeans’ button. Sebastian’s breathing stayed incredibly even as he undid it along with the zip. What he revealed made him smile. “A boy short cut; it’s very nice,” he said, nodding to Casey’s underwear.

“Y-Yea,” Casey’s shaky voice replied as they were pulled down next. His cock was already painfully hard, springing free. Sebastian nodded slowly and bit his lower lip.

“I can’t kneel, so… you can finish the job.”

Casey’s quaking hands were brought to his clothing and he worked them off. His socks came next and he stood straight. He looked to the shower in the room and sighed. “Are--am I going to shower?”

“I like things as neat and clean as possible, so yes. Step in,” Sebastian said.

“Okay,” Casey murmured. He walked over, nudging past the man’s chair and into the hollow, cool shower. His toes curled against the thick rubber mat as Sebastian sat back in his chair and approached.

“Hand me the shower head, please,” he said. Casey did so; Sebastian next moved to the large round knob on the wall, keeping the showerhead pointed to Casey’s feet. A cool spray shot out, tickling his toes. Once it came out hot, Sebastian looked up to the boy. “Turn around, please, and bend over just a little.”

Insecurity hit Casey like a battering ram as he moved to present his ass to the man. He saw Sebastian’s hand reach to the bar of soap next to him, then gasped as the spray found his backside. The man made a thick lather in his hand and replaced the soap, then began…

“Oh,” Casey moaned when Sebastian splayed a hand over one cheek. He massaged it gently, aiming the water where he washed. It was so slippery, so stimulating--Casey looked down at himself, watching his cock jut upwards. He fought down the early-orgasm he felt rising; Sebastian surely didn’t want him losing it at the first touch.

“You have a lovely ass, Casey,” Sebastian said. His hand moved to the other side and soaped it up, keeping his touch soft and soothing. Casey pressed his forehead into his arms, swallowing repeatedly. Sebastian sighed. “Bend down just a little more… let me see it.”

Casey nudged down lower; he moved his legs apart a little, even if he wasn’t asked to. “That’s it,” Sebastian said, obviously pleased.

“Oh god,” Casey said in a gasp when he felt Sebastian’s hand slide into his cleft. It moved up and down, massaging a bit harder this time. The spray was lowered; Sebastian grunted as he spread Casey open with his hand, then pointed the water directly over Casey’s anus. Casey’s eyes crossed, the pleasure overwhelming.

Sebastian took a hissing breath and began swirling a finger over the hole, not entering yet--just touching. “I was right, saying that no one’s ever touched you here, wasn’t I?” he asked.


“Have you?”

Casey closed his eyes, swallowed, and replied, “Yes.”

“Of course you have. You are a dirty little thing in secret, aren’t you?” he said, voice light with mischief. It made Casey smile.

“May… maybe,” he replied.

“So pink. So tight, what a lovely color it is…” Sebastian drifted off as the very tip of his finger began nudging inside. When Casey grunted, unsure of this new contact, Sebastian said, “I won’t enter you fully. I just want to feel the muscle, just a little.”

“Okay,” Casey breathlessly replied.

“Mmm… your body, it’s so much like my first-ever boy’s,” Sebastian said. He probed a little deeper, but kept to his word. His first knuckle was barely inside, but it felt as if Casey was being fucked anyway. “Those were the days. To have had you in my own youth--you don’t even know, Casey. You really don’t.”

Casey couldn’t begin to imagine, honestly; he’d seen a few pictures of the man in his younger years. He’d been so smooth-skinned, attractive… but even with his age, he still carried the airs of experience and handsomeness. Never before had Casey gotten off on much older men, but that was starting to shift.

The hand left him, making Casey moan with distaste. Sebastian chuckled as he soaped himself up again. “Eager, are we? Be honest…”

“A… little,” Casey replied.

“Good, good. Now, stand straight and turn.”

Casey followed the instruction; knowing what was to come next made every erogenous zone react. Even his underarms tickled with excitement as the showerhead was brought to his cock, and Sebastian cradled it in his hand. He rolled Casey’s balls with a gentle hand while the water was brought around his shaft. “How you haven’t been plucked up and taken until now--a total enigma,” Sebastian said, shaking his head. “It’s a shame, really. You’re such a beautiful thing, with a cock most men would die for.”

It felt arrogant to agree, but Casey nodded. Many times he’d been in the gym showers and in taking glances around to the other boys, he couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride in how he rated with them. Perhaps that was why he’d been bullied so much… jealousy. Boys who felt inadequate. Perhaps boys that did, in fact, want him.

Zeke had seen him in those showers before. Had HE wanted Casey? The boy couldn’t think on that now as Sebastian made slow, gentle pulls at his shaft, lathering it with slippery suds. After that was done, he smirked. “It IS best to rinse with cold water,” he said.

Casey bit his lip and nodded. The knob was again turned, this time to the blue line. Within seconds the water turned cold and Casey clenched his teeth. His cock reacted, almost violently, to the switch in temperature. A pearl of pre-cum escaped, making Sebastian smile. “Hold back, sweet boy. Not yet.”

“Dunno… if I can,” Casey admitted.

“You can. Turn, please.”

The chill found Casey’s ass now, and more contact over his hole was applied with soft fingertips. Suds ran down his legs, which were the next to be rinsed. By the time Sebastian shut the water off and set the showerhead on the seat, Casey was a panting, trembling mess.

“Let’s get you dried off,” Sebastian said.

Casey nodded, wanting warm-relief. He got it when Sebastian took up a plush, fluffy towel and began running it over Casey’s hips. A hand moved to his backside and probed around to dry him further. Casey cooed with enjoyment; this was more than sexual; decadent. Divine, as Sebastian often described things he loved. The hair of his groin came next, along with his dick and thighs. Casey put a hand on Sebastian’s shoulder as he feared swooning and landing on the floor in a heap. Sebastian smiled as he continued onto Casey’s legs and finished the job.

“Done. Let’s head back to the bedroom.”

The two exited, Casey keeping the towel to cover himself--it was absurd, how he could still feel insecure after the intimacy he’d partaken of, but old habits were hard to break. Sebastian wheeled to one side of the bed and waited there. “Go ahead and get on the bed; face me, kneel, thighs parted wide, sweetheart.”

Sweetheart. No one had ever called Casey that. It made him drop the towel and his skin flush warm again as he followed the direction given. He made sure to stare back at the man, not wanting his gaze to waver in the slightest.

Sebastian moved to the edge of the bed but put his hands in his lap, folding them. “Show me how you touch yourself, Casey,” he said.

Nodding, Casey wrapped his hand around his dick and began stroking slowly. His neck tensed; it was as if he could feel his cum trickling away from his balls and through the shaft, threatening to explode at any moment. He gritted his teeth, willing himself to steer clear from another too-early climax. A slow slide of his thumb over the head couldn’t be helped, however, even if it excited him further.

“What do you think about when you do this in your bed, late at night?” Sebastian asked. He sounded so genuinely curious. Casey puffed a hard breath through his mouth and closed his eyes.

“Not much p-past…” he stopped to breathe, then swallowed. “…Past someone touching me and… sucking me off.”

“A bit vanilla. Innocent. I like that,” Sebastian said.

Casey opened his eyes in slits and was surprised at the cigarette now between the man’s lips. He’d never seen him smoke before. When he lit it and sent the first puff into the air, Casey caught of whiff of something sweet. Sebastian seemed to notice Casey’s perplexed expression and chuckled.

“That reminded me of my special ‘treat’ I allow myself every now and again,” he said. “Indian imports--vanilla. Finest you can buy. You’ll have one later, if you want.”

Though the boy hadn’t ever smoked before, even being friends with a chimney like Zeke, he’d always wanted to try. Just not the regular, ho-hum brands--again, like Zeke’s. He almost smiled but stopped dead when he felt a rush of pleasure find him again. His ass clenched, his anus twitching in want. It left Casey feeling incomplete… “Sebastian?”


“I… I want to finger myself,” Casey said before he could stop himself.

“Hmm, I was just about to ask,” Sebastian said. “Go on then--turn to the side so I can watch you.”

Pausing in his stroking, Casey knelt up higher and shimmied to face the head of the bed. Being watched like this was exhilarating and fresh, even, egging him on into bringing his hand back to slide a finger around his hole. The close, intimate contact made Casey put his head back, eyes closing again. The sweet smoke filled his nostrils, instantly becoming a part of this act. He was, in fact, a dirty-minded, sex-starved young man and it showed in his gasping moans. It almost had him begging for Sebastian to join him, touch him, do it FOR him, but the man seemed content with watching rather than contributing with his own hands.

“If Zeke were here, watching you, it’s a sure thing that he’d want to fuck you,” Sebastian said. Casey’s lips quivered open.

“He dates girls…” he said.

“Does he, now? You never know, Casey. You could turn any man queer, looking like you do right now,” Sebastian replied. “Tell me, Casey… I’m sure you’ve fantasized about something more than your cock being sucked. What has Zeke done to you in your dreams?”

Oh god. What HADN’T he done? Thoughts raced and Casey, feeling like a marionette, spoke. “His car--it’s beautiful. I… I want to be on the hood, ankles hooked onto his shoulder as he fucks me. J-Just fucks me wild.”

“Mmm. Sounds nice.”

“Then lick me clean,” Casey practically spat the words. “Fuck me--then clean me, then… kiss me.”

“Even better,” Sebastian said, his voice deeper than before. “You want to cum right now, don’t you?”


There was a pause, until Sebastian reached over with one hand, cupping it. “Turn and fill my hand,” he said.

More than eager, Casey shimmied back to face the man, still plundering his own ass with his whole finger inside, as deep as he could reach. He managed to find the sweet spot of nerves with the tip, just as he moved his dick to hover over Sebastian’s hand. “Oh, fuck!” he nearly yelled as he spilled. Sebastian smiled as his hand caught the milky strands spurting from the tips of his fingers to his wrist. It all slid down into his palm, pooling there; when Casey emptied, he slumped forward, slapping his hand down on his thigh to steady himself. The only sounds now were his heaving, panting breaths.

“Lick me clean, sweetheart,” Sebastian told him.

Casey looked up from his softening cock to Sebastian, who’d lifted his hand higher to present Casey with his own seed. Not long ago, Casey would have shied away from it--ALL of this. But in the here and now, Casey wanted nothing more than to get as dirty as he pleased. He dipped his head down, took the back of Sebastian’s hand to lift it to his face and extended his tongue. His own salty musk made him cringe, but only for a moment. When he felt the hand holding it, he lapped harder, dragging his tongue around to swirl through the mess and massage Sebastian’s skin.

Finished with the ‘cleaning’, Sebastian smiled at the boy. “Lovely. Just… lovely.” He put a hand on Casey’s thigh and rubbed it lightly. “You have no idea how gorgeous you are, do you?”

Casey licked his lower lip, bit it then dropped his eyes. “It’s never been said out loud, by someone else, so… no.”

Chuckling, Sebastian wheeled back a little and shook his head. “What a mad world we live in. So…” he said, now wheeling over to the desk. The drawer he’d pointed to before was unlocked; Casey frowned.

“Is that all you wanted?” he asked.

“Yes. Maybe more, tomorrow, with another payment.”

Another payment? Casey’s head spun. “But it’s too much, I should’ve… do you want me to do more?”

“Oh, Casey,” Sebastian laughed and made his way back to the bed. An envelope was presented to the boy. “An old man can only take so much of you at one time. I’ll need a few ‘quickies’ over time to heighten my tolerance. We’ll see what comes next, but just this could last me a long, long time. The dreams I’ll have tonight are worth every penny.”

“Oh… ‘kay,” Casey said. He took the envelope, feeling it thick with bills.

“Go ahead and get dressed. I’ll open the door, go to the bathroom to wash up quick and meet you in my bedroom,” he said. “I’d sleep here, but it’s not as comfortable as my own bed.”

Casey nodded slowly and went to the bathroom to gather his clothing. He heard the door click open as he slipped his underwear and jeans on, then felt a small gust of cool air from the hallway. When he was finished dressing, he paused a moment before slipping his socks on to head down the hall to Sebastian’s master bedroom.

It couldn’t be helped; Casey opened the envelope and looked inside, finding a large stack of twenty dollar bills. He knew it was all there, but he counted it anyway. Five-hundred dollars, all his, for barely an hour of his time. Casey sat and pondered this a moment. Even if he’d gone untouched--for the most part--he’s still sold himself.

But was that wrong? It wasn’t as if he’d been picked up on the corner and given a stranger a suck and fuck. In fact--he was giving an old, lonely man the time of his life, wasn’t he? What could be more charitable than that? He finally smiled, slipped the envelope in his pocket and exited the bathroom to head down the hall.

Sebastian was already grunting his way under the covers; Casey rushed in and shook his head. “This is my job, Sebastian,” he said, taking up the blankets and pulling them down, allowing the man to slide his sore legs under.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” he said. Good god, it made Casey’s ears prickle with delight. The boy smiled and slid the blankets up over the man, tucking him in comfortably snug. Sebastian gave Casey a slow-blinking stare. “If you wouldn’t mind, you could stay and have a cigarette with me. I did promise you one.”

“Sure,” Casey said.

The two lit up together and settled in for a small, before-bed chat. Casey had always pictured his first cigarette turning him into a coughing, hacking mess, but the sweetness of the tobacco went down smooth as silk. He did titter with coughs at a few points, but nothing violent or chest-tightening. When he was finished, he stamped it out in the ashtray, leaned down and gave Sebastian a light kiss. The man looked surprised, eyebrows raised as Casey pulled away. “You needn’t have done that,” he said.

“I know,” Casey replied, smiling wide. “Good night, Sebastian. See… see you tomorrow.”

“Mmm,” the man hummed, closed his eyes and made to sleep. Casey left the room, shutting the door quietly behind him.


Part Two!