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Keep coming back, it works if you work it

Ambition... is in the driver's seat

1 April 1976
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Lotsa R to NC-17 stuffs here. 18+ if ya please. ~Management

I'm pretty easy to friend. Just ask, and plz let me know your birthday. :)

What I do/What I like/etc...

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by roaring...a testament to fandom! We are slashers, hear us roar!!

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005


This be a journal for my random-fandom interests, usually done up LotR/Faculty/Sin City/RPS style. Yea. I'm a 'Lij ho, readily admitted. Josh Hartnett, too. Why not, right? I might just start swaying into Holly/Harry slash from "The Third Man" soon, too. I've thought about it a long, hard time, and it could SO work, being that Orson Welles happens to be another obsession.

My F/S hobbit fiction is found in the site listed in my info. As for the fiction in this journal, most is Casey/Zeke, which is archived by tags here. If you read, I hope you like. :D

That being said, guess what?

Dunno ANYBUDDY, 'cluding Lij, Josh or any of their characters (der hey).

...so any maddening plotlines I come up with are SO contrived out of my own dirty mind.
Hope that's okay. ;)